See the position of Mahama in the top 7 richest people in Ghana



One might openly state that Ghana is a poor country investigating the GDP per capita and the structure of our economy.

However, some people who are entrepreneurs and investors have been able to mass up a lot of wealth for themselves.

Most of them source their millions from their own multiple businesses which may include oil and gas, real estate, investments, mining, cotton production, cocoa production, textiles amongst others.

One of those individuals is our former president of Ghana, John Mahama.

Bear in mind that this ranking is base on net worth. What is net worth?


The explanation of net worth is pretty simple but it’s sometimes misunderstood.

We can interpret it as the number of your assets that exceeds your liabilities.

Another way to put this is the value of everything you own, minus your debts. To figure out your net worth, you add up the total value of all of your assets. Then, add up the total value of all of your debts.

Now subtract the assets from the debts.

Below are the top 7 wealthiest people in Ghana according to Forbes;

7. Dr Sam E. Jonah
Net worth – $650 million

6. Kwabena Duffuor
Net worth – $680 million

5. The Irani Family
Net worth – $800 million

4. Michael Ibrahim
Net worth – 860 million

3. John Mahama
Net worth– $900 million

2. Dr Kwame Addo Kuffuor

Net worth – $1.2 billion

1. Charles Ampofo
Net worth – $1.46 billion

Source; opera news

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