See spiritual dangers of urinating into gutters

People who tend to offer little or no attention to spiritual matters stand the higher risk of facing difficulties in life one way or the other.

We cannot avoid spirituality for the Bible confirms in the book of Ephesians 6:12 that we wrestle not only against flesh and blood but against principalities.

We have been living with spirits from the day Lucifer and his fallen angels were thrown from heaven down to the earthly planets, but one particular disadvantage we have as humans is that we lack the abilities to see these demons while they are able to see us, so dealing with them becomes somehow difficult.

Demons, both big and small have their specific areas where they reside.

While a chunk of these demons stay in the atmospheric heavens, others too reside in the mountains, in trees, in rocks, in the ocean and in water bodies on land.

According to Evangelist Prince Adu Asare, spiritual gutters are considered as a water body where some of these demons especially the less powerful ones lives.

Therefore urinating into gutters around 8pm, 9pm through to 11pm could have spiritual implications. Some of these implications could be spiritual marriage or a chronic disease.

According to the man of God, these demons that reside in gutters are able to penetrate you whenever you expose your nakedness to them while urinating in gutters around these times.

“The moment these demons get access to you they begin to manipulate your life spiritually until you die and the only thing that can deliver you from their bondage is fasting and relentless prayers”, as concluded by the man of God.

The man of God also talked about some plants that when you urinate on them for a certain number of times could kill your manhood permanently and entirely.

Source; Opera News

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