See Nose rings and why they are worn by women

Ladies who wear nose rings are sometimes seen as weird people.

Like how will someone go through the pain of getting the nose pierced? The part of the body normally pierced is the ear.

However, it has gone beyond that to the nose, tongue, belly button etc.

This article is to disclose some of the possible reasons why some ladies use nose rings.

The custom of using nose ring has been in existence long before now.

It is the second most popular piercing type known after ear piercing.

Here are the possible reasons why some ladies wear it:

1. Wealth

Nose piercing is peculiar to the Indians and somewhat symbolizes good reputation and expression of wealth. This is true for the Berber tribe of North Africa. The more wealthier and worthful a person is, the bigger the nose ring. As part of marriage rites, the husband gives his new wife a nose ring to symbolize how rich he is.

2. Fertility

In places like India, the nose is referred to a health object, child birth and reproduction. According to them, piercing the nose eases fun pleasure and menstrual cycle. The thinking behind this is the believe that ladies’ left nostril is trace to their reproductive system.

3. Marriage

Nose piercing represent marriage in some region of the globe. The culture of piercing the nose has continued in a lot of the middle East, Africa and mostly India.

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