See how to use “Gari” to boost your sexual performance in bed



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I will be showing you how you can use our local cassava dough or “gari” to enhance and boost your performance in bed without taking any pill or drug.

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Many marriages and relationships collapse when satisfaction in bed is not achieved.

Because of this, male enhancement drugs become the alternative for most men.


I am not against them though, but have you asked yourself how dangerous these drugs could be and the damages they cause to your health?

Many men around the world depend on these enhancement drugs to boost their performances. Sometimes it is out of pressure from their partners that make them use these drugs.

After all, no one wants to be taunted or mocked because of not performing well in bed.

Taking pills and drugs to boost manpower has become normal to most men. Check out these side effects of relying on male enhancement drugs:

A headache is a common side effect of the male enhancement drugs. Since the drugs increase blood flow, the sudden change in blood flow might be felt in your head.

Allergic reactions to the medication are possible and span widely from not serious to very serious. You can experience reaction like skin rash, hives, or itchiness.

The digestion system can be affected by male enhancement drugs.

They often leads to symptoms such as nausea, indigestion, or diarrhea.

Body aches and muscle pain might occur with the use male enhancement drugs. The body aches are commonly in the lower back or throughout other muscles.

Permanent damage of the male organ. Taking male enhancement drugs can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.

Having a heart attack can be a side effect as well. A heart attack can occur from using the male enhancement drugs.

Death can occur in certain circumstances, taking a male enhancement drugs can result in death. Death might occur in those who have a heart attack, stroke, or serious allergic reaction to the medication.

Don’t fall victim to these effects please. Be natural, that is simple.

Now here is how you can simply boost your manpower naturally by using casava dough (Gari):

Take half a cup of the cassava dough or “gari” and add water. Don’t put in sugar or any other supplements.

Mix only the cassava dough (gari) with water and leave it for some minutes. Eat it 30 minutes before the game begins and see the magic.

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