See how to last more than 45 minutes in bed with milk, tiger nut and banana

In many cases men suffer from the issue of premature ejaculations.

This greatly harm their marriages as well as their relationship.

Many men are unable to satisfy their partners in bed due to premature ejaculation

From today , with this simple homemade mixture, you would last more than forty minutes in bed.

To be able to achieve this, you need only three ingredients which are; milk, tiger nut and banana to last longer in bed.

1. Blend your mixture of tiger nut and banana together. After which, wait for an hour. After an hour, pour your milk on the mixture and stir it thoroughly.

2. Wait for about thirty minutes then you consume your mixture.

3. After drinking this mixture, wait for about an hour before visiting your partner.


Do not add a lot of water when blending.

Ensure that the tiger nut is more in the mixture.

Do not leave the mixture overnight. This is because the fermentation that will take place will be unsafe for human consumption.

Source; Opera News

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