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See 5 home appliances that drain Electricity Even when they’re turned off

I am very sure that majority of people today are not even privy to the fact that some of their household or electronic devices can continue to consume electric power even after they have been switched them off.

I for one, I am not surprised at all by the consumption of energy by these electronic devices, but what is very disturbing is that these devices can take up to 100 percent of your monthly electricity subscription.

It will surprise you to know that even when you switch off the power of the DVD (with a timer), it would still consume some amount of electric power which displays the time.

Thanks be to God because in this article, I will be educating you on 5 common household appliances that will consume electricity even when they are switched off.  They are provided below;

  1. Television: When you switch off your TV i.e. Press the power button, the television automatically goes on standby mode (not that it switches off). Did you ever know that depending on the power supply in your environment, it can still consume as much as 24 Watts a day? So it will be of much prudence to prevent the TV from consuming unnecessary energy.
  2. Computers: It will surprise you to know that though you switch off your computers, they keep on working. As a matter of fact, not unplugging them can make you lose as much as 96Watts a day. This depends on your power supply.
  3. Charger that is not connected to a phone: You are surprised right? Please be informed that a charger that is not connected to a phone consumes little amount of energy. So if you are not charging the phone, please unplug it quickly.
  4. A Microwave and DVD: As I stated earlier, the amount of energy consumed by this device when switched off is a big surprise. Any device that has a timer like the microwave or DVD can consume up to 108 Watts a day under constant power supply. Can you imagine how much you will be saving every month by just unplugging it?
  5. Sound System: Have you ever be told that majority of the sound sytems have a inbuilt clock and that it would continuously consume energy to update time?

Premise on the foregoing, I will advise you to use your appliances wisely. Thank you and don’t forget to share.


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