10 ways to identify an occult practitioner and what to do when you come across any

Occult is any practice out of the ordinary. Anything that relates with supernatural practice with a cult is a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs noted by many people as extreem or dangerous.

As beliebersy in the Christian faith, who have been forewarned not to be equally yoked with unbelievers e.g Occultic men and woman.

Today there is a litany of evil men that carry out practices, relating with demons and spiritual powers.

There are easy ways to know these types of men and women, and more so the need to stay away from them.

Here are some ways to identify Occultic man or woman;

If the person is very envious

If you meet anyone that is always envious of you or other people, then be very careful with that person because Occultic men and women have envy for others and don’t like others to progress above them.

Very calm yet deceptive

It is good to be a calm person but be careful with people that are very calm and deceptive at the same time. The spirit of deception is of the devil and only those who done with him possess it to the extreme.


This is another key and dangerous sign of an ocultic man.
Ocultic men love certain odd colors and are very diabolic. They light candles at night when there’s electricity, they use different colors of candles. They have different strange books.

Patronizing witchcraft

Ocultic men and women love witchcraft practice. They love patronizing witchcraft and witchcraft practices.

Reading and keeping strange books

Occultic men have a strong love for reading occultic books, books of magic and Astra projections.

Mind reading, card reading, mind control, Astra projections books, demonology.

Obsessed with traditional religion

If you see someone who is obsessed with traditional religion and find it intriguing, and does not see any religious practice as too diabolic or extreme then know you’ve met an Occultic man.


A necromancer is anyone who believes in communicating, forming relationship and bringing back the dead. This is an extreme form of witchcraft.

Source; Opera News

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