See 10 secret societies that control the world

The New World Order is a very fearsome idea, though you do not support conspiracies.

But it is not shocking at all that millions of people think that something happens that we, mere humans, can not yet understand it entirely. And in a couple of years, it could just be too late.

Millions of people assume that these classes consist of the ‘elite’ of this planet who tend to contribute to democracy being undermined in some way. It doesn’t have to be straightforward, they can govern the world under the illusion that people still have options, but in the end, only a group of some few selected ones can determine the world’s destiny – similar to the old Soviet-era Communist Party Politburo.

This is at least what most conspiracy theories are all about.

Listed below are 10 scary secret societies that may rule the universe, or may not.

The Illuminati

The Illuminati is one of the less hidden ‘secret societies’ which have long been around. As early as 1776 they first emerged as a group of scientists and philosophers who opposed the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. The community has grown very large since then, and is estimated to consist of thousands of members. The Illuminati was linked to incidents such as 9/11, the JFK assassination, Area 51 and many others. The founders of this hidden society are assumed to be famous people.

The Freemasons

Freemasons are also permitted to tell other people that they are, well, Freemasons as shocking as it might sound. After all, the secret society isn’t so secret. You have to be male to become a member of the Freemasons in the US, while women in Europe may also join the party. The Vatican insists that Freemasons are as sinful as the Devil himself, and selling their souls in the afterlife for his unholy promises and godlike status. Freemasons themselves believe in free will which does not in any way rely on religion. Among the men who signed The Declaration of Independence, there were 8 Freemasons. After all, these guys might not be so evil.

The Bohemian Grove

Situated somewhere in Monte Rio, California, Bohemian Grove is a place where the most famous citizens of the country go to escape the civilized world and spend some nice time outdoors with theatrical and pagan rituals. Yeah, you understood that correctly. They not only dress up for the occasion, but also perform a ceremony of burning up a coffin effigy called ‘Care’ in front of a massive statue of Owl surrounded by Redwood trees. They typically describe their pastime as ‘a musical drama celebrating summer and nature.’ Rumor has it that Richard Nixon took part in the ancient rite, and Ronald Reagan.

The Opus Dei

The Opus Dei is a relatively young secret society that became quite famous because of The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. The author has described them in the book as very militant bearers of hidden intelligence which will go to great lengths to protect it. Numerous Catholic Church figures, including the Popes, endorse Opus Dei. Most suspect that the cultic activities of the group are deceptive and that there is a lot more to them than they meet the eye.

The Ku Klux Klan

These guys need no introduction because of the fact that they have been characterized by racism and abuse for a long time.

After the American Civil War, the Klan became the terror arm of the newly formed Democrat party. Because of the war, the black slaves had been legally freed but forces persisted in holding them back and keeping them from being part of the mainstream. West Virginia’s late Senator Robert Byrd had been a Grand Clegal in the Klan. It’s hard to imagine that in modern days anything as unfair and terrifying as the Ku Klux Klan would still exist, but the fact is, it still exists in 25 states and has about 8,000 members in total.Today the klan has special websites where they get their disgusting racist services launched.

The Black Hand

This group of people was doing their utmost to create a strong force that would unite all the citizens of Serbia by any possible means. The Black Hand was established in 1911 and consisted of the Army officers in the Kingdom of Serbia. Over time it became a mafia-like organization that assassinated the leaders of the nation and replaced them with their citizens. Little did they know Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination would lead to the beginning of WWI!

The Knights of Templar

The Templar Knights had been around since the Middle Ages. Back in 1139, a coalition of Catholic armies joined forces to create the Templar Knights who fought for their purposes (mostly riches and extinction of Protestants and other ungodly religions). They had strong connections to the notorious Crusades and promised to do almost everything against international evil to defend fellow Christians. Today they are no longer on the ‘battlefield’ but survive on their values.

The Bilderberg Group

Since the early fifties the Bilderberg Party has held its annual meeting. Every year approximately 150 people from the world’s crème de la crème meet to do who knows what. No one is permitted to know what the members are talking about during such meetings except the attendants! During these conferences, conspiracy theorists went nuts trying to find out what a bunch of rich people and scientists were concocting. They claim that the Bilderberg Party has the ability to wipe out the economies of the planet, transform the world into a police state and use bio-weapons to wipe out humanity. It will do them for whatever good.

The Anunnaki

Without the lizard people, no list of secret societies is complete. Yeah, you understood that correctly. Thousands of conspiracy theorists claim that our world is infested with lizard-like alien beings that have evolved to shape-shift into human form. From time to time they have mishaps, and we catch a glimpse into their true identity. They are strong beings from politics to music which can be found in every domain of human life. It is assumed that they are exploiting society and distracting people from their real evil agenda. Which is-the universal law. Or that sort of thing.


Anonymous is a fairly decent one out of all the horrific and terrifying secret societies. This modern collective is a multinational network of vigilante hackers whose sole aim is to expose the crimes of corrupt governments and let the truth be known to everyone. They ‘re more a subculture than an organisation. They are scattered all over the world and have but one chief (thus a man’s logo without a head).

Source; Opera News

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