“Scores of Ghanaian politicians end up in poverty…they don’t plan well”- Tony Yeboah



Founder and President for THE TONNY SHOW FOUNDATION; a Ghana based non-governmental organisation has advised politicians especially parliamentarians to set up an alternative source of income instead of solely depending on their political positions for survival.

Mr Tony Yeboah told that scores of ex-parliamentarians are currently poor because they failed to adopt and apply the above-mentioned principle of wealth acquisition when they were in office.

“No political seat is permanent.It therefore demands the formulation of providential plans by every politician so as to save them from turbulent situations when they are out of office”, he advised.

Mr. Tony Yeboah; a renowned Youth Coach, Motivational Speaker and a Businessman sighted that those who used to live in wealthy enclaves, drove expensive vehicles, accessed expensive health care services and sent their children to private or high-income schools can’t sustain their lifestyle and family anymore after they were kicked out of office.


“They have lost most of their properties, their cars, expensive mansions and even at times you will see them in poor outfits.

They did not plan well.They relied on a single source of wealth which was their political positions and after loosing them, there was no alternative golden stream to refill their pockets after they were kicked out of power”.

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