Science Confirms: Smelling Your Partner’s Farts Deepens The Bond…Fights Cancer And Stroke



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According to relationship expert Cynthia Powell, as a couple, you need to reach the point where you feel that you no longer need to put up an act in the company of your SO, that means doing things like farting in front of each other.

“Once couples get over the initial embarrassment of farting in front of a new partner, it seems to open up a whole new period of openness, honesty, and trust,” said Cynthia, according to Ideas to try.

So even though you may have to open the windows during movie nights, it might still be a good idea to pass wind.

Lots of health benefits
However, it is not only good to have a stronger relationship, but to fart in the presence of your partner can also have several health benefits.


The New York Post reported on the benefits of smelling your SO’s farts. Which include, among other things, lower risk of having heart attacks, strokes, cancer and dementia.

So even though it may piss you off to smell your partner farts, just pay them back with interests!

This is war, and love, all mixed up in a loud and smelly (yet healthy and stronger) relationship.

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