Scared and afraid are not the same. See the difference

We often confuse ourselves with these two words scared and Afraid.

Yes we use them wrongly and it should be corrected.

Afraid simply means feeling fear or apprehension. Scared means being in astate of fear, nervousness, or panic.

If you are of the opinion that they sound pretty much the same, you are not alone. But plenty of people point out the distinctions.

‘Scared’ is an adjective used to indicate fear or anxiety. A scared person is nervous or frightened about something.

For example: He is too scared to go into the water. ‘Scared’ has other grammatical forms, such as the adjective ‘Scary’, for something that causes fear; ‘Scare’ as a verb, which means to cause fear in someone; and the noun form of ‘Scare’ which is a feeling of fear or a situation that causes fear.

For example: That movie was so scary. When I got home I had a scare when the door flew open unexpectedly. Please don’t scare me with a movie like that anymore.

‘Afraid’ is applied as an adjective too, and it literally means ‘filled with fear’. So we might imagine a person so full of the feeling of fear that they cannot think about anything else.

For example: She is afraid of spiders. In this example, she has such a dislike of spiders, she will do whatever she can to avoid them. A person can be afraid of any number of things, but it can also be used to mean a strong dislike. For example it is common to say in English: He is afraid of hard work, so don’t ask him to do anything.


Yeah that’s the difference between scared and afraid so if you ever thought that they are the Same then I hope my article is quite reasonable. My very special thanks to you reading this article, I am very grateful. Please like and comment and follow and share to reach a love one.

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