Gospel music wahala; Joseph Mensah spills bean

Joseph Mensah is an astute and a popular Ghanaian gospel musician.

He has been a vibrant Ghanaian gospel musician over the decade.

He has many hit songs to his accolades. Songs like Anadwo bogya etc were among mouth watering and thought provoking gospel songs he served Ghanaian households with in his hay days.

However, the gospel musician has expressed discontent about some churches in the Ghana.

According to his statement, some churches don’t respect gospel musicians. He expressed sadness to this phenomena, sighting clearly that he could spend huge sums of monies for studio fees, only for him to be invited for a program and be paid nothing.

He specifically sighted the church of Pentecost, as one of the churches he has fallen prey to in such circumstances.

Speaking to DJ Smart on Nhyira Bosuo on life FM, he disclosed that Pent Tv, which is owned by the church of Pentecost charged him GhC 1000 for a studio session, and later he will perform for the same church on an occasion only for them to give him little or nothing to appreciate his effort, something he described is very saddening to he and his team of gospel musicians.

Moving forward, the gospel musician has promised to charge every single church he performs for, be it orthodox, a ‘one man church’, etc.

From Opera News

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