SAD!! “Cost Of Running Private School In Ghana Has Shot Up”- GNAPS Hints

Depreciation of the Ghana Cedi is seriously impeeding the delivery of private schools; executives of Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) have hinted.

President of GNAPS Dr. Damascus Tuurosong lamented on Thursday 9th June 2022 that “the free fall of the Ghana Cedi against international currencies especially the US Dollar has escalated the cost of living to the extent that private school workers are also crying for COLA (Cost of Living Allowance)”.

He underlined the forgoing as part of the litany of challenges suffocating private sector of education.

Aside the foregoing, he underlined persistent fuel price hikes as another blow which is fast crippling many institutions.

The above he indicated has grounded school buses “which simply run out of steam to continue the journey of assisting children to and fro school”.

“The harsh economic situation has reduced enrollment into our schools since parents claim they cannot afford our fees.

At the private Senior High School level, the least said about it the better. Many private Senior High Schools have simply gone out of business or diverted into other areas of operation. As number dwindles, cost of running schools have shot up. Increasing prices of foodstuff has left many private school children hungrily staring into the faces of school proprietors, wondering where their hirtherto delicious meals have gone to”, the President said during the launch of GNAPS week celebration in Kumasi.


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