RIPE Project: World Vision Ghana Elevates Quality Of Education At Sekyere East District



By Enock Akonnor


The Reading Improvement in Primary Education (RIPE) project of World Vision Ghana has made significant strides in enhancing literacy, numeracy and essential life skills among Children in the Sekyere East District.

Through strategic intervention and unwavering support of the assembly and other partners, World Vision has brought about remarkable achievements, transforming education and empowering young minds.

Below are the outcomes and accomplishment of the RIPE since its implementation in 23 years in the district;


1. Training of 335 teachers in Literacy and Numeracy Methodology: Through specialised training, 335 teachers (174 females and 161 males) honed their teaching skills in literacy and numeracy, enabling them to deliver quality education to their students effectively.

2. Development and Printing of 10,500 Relevant Story Books: To promote reading among children, World Vision Ghana developed and printed 10,500 age-appropriate storybooks for community library boxes, fostering a love for reading in young learners.

3. Provision of 10,000 Supplementary Readers and Teachers’ Manuals: In support of classroom instruction, World Vision Ghana provided 10,000 supplementary Readers and Teachers’ Manuals, enriching learning materials and facilitating interactive learning experiences.

4. Training of 60 Teachers in Technology Integration: Recognizing the importance of innovative teaching methods, World Vision Ghana trained 60 teachers in utilizing technology for teaching literacy, opening new horizons in education.

5. Empowering Pupils with Technology (Android) Tablets: To enhance engagement and learning experiences, World Vision Ghana provided 80 pupils in 14 schools with technology (android) tablets and earpieces, introducing interactive and dynamic learning tools.

6. Establishment of ICT Facilities in 23 Schools: Through collaboration with the district assembly, World Vision Ghana facilitated the construction of and furnishing of ICT facilities in 23 schools, bridging the digital divide and granting access to valuable digital resources.

7. Introduction of the Annual Best Teachers Award Scheme: In 2014, the RIPE project played a pivotal role in establishing the Annual Best Teachers Award Scheme, recognizing and motivating outstanding teachers who champion excellence in education.

8. Creation of 36 Kids’ Clubs and After-School Reading Camps: World Vision Ghana established 36 Kids’ Clubs, including child Parliaments, health clubs and After-School Reading camps, providing enriching learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

9. Promoting of Academic Excellence through Competitions: Regular reading and spelling competitions were organised to Foster academic excellence, motivating students to strive for greatness in their studies.

It is captured in the Sekyere East Area Programme closure brochure that issued on 18th August, 2023 that these achievements have significantly contributed to elevating the quality of education, expanding access to resources, and empowering children with essential life skills.

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