Replicate NBU Project’s YEEP module in all districts- An appeal to gov’t

A Business advisor working with the National Board for Small Scale Industry Aisha Adama Brobbey has made a passionate appeal to government to replicate the No Business as Usual (NBU) training module within all districts in the country.

After considering how impactful the Youth Entrepreneurship and Employability Programme (YEEP) of the European Union funded project (NBU) has been among youth of Asokore Mampong Municipality, she averred that even though authorities have been injecting money into diverse areas to assist youth in job creation, “i think that at some point we need to change the way we do things because the NBU is doing it and they are enrolling people and they also have successful trainees”.

She added that “instead of putting monies in places which is not working, how about maybe sitting down and see if we can replicate this module (NBU YEEP).”

Aisha Adama made this call in an interview with at a training event which was held at the hub of the Project on 17th September 2020 dubbed “Career Day 7.0”.

She stressed in her statement that the implementation of the module hence the project has really helped youth within Asokore Mampong Municipality in areas such as internship, hard skills, job placements, startups, training of business development officer (BDOs), social business, among others unlike other constituencies that are out of touch with such opportunities.

According to an official report, since the commencement of the project, the lives of 3,519 youth have been affected with 42 Business Network events.

368 youth have been successfully coached, 41 youth have acquired work experience through internship and 72 youth have been enrolled on various hard skills trainings.

Also 98 youth have received startups with 40 businesses registered.

30 participants have received soft skills and technical training on plastic waste collection among a litany of others.

Aisha Adama commended officials of the project for the good work and urged them to beef up the initiative.

Touching on the event which was organised under the theme; “MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION TOWARDS A SUCCESSFUL CAREER”, she expressed worry over how most youth are unable to identify vital opportunities.

Per her indication, the reason is because majority of Ghanaian youth are not innovative and always tend to rely on white-colour professions right after school.

She sighted that some youth are not fun of searching for information for job creation.

“They want information to come to them.”.

She therefore appealed to them to access information so that they can tap from the numerous career opportunities.

Aisha Adama Brobbey was a speaker at the training programme.


The event introduced the youth (seeking internship and jobs) to different opportunities available within an organization and exposed them to the possible careers relating to their skills.

Participants were thought on the essence of making right career decisions and were guided on how to nurture their field of interests, explore available opportunities. It equiped them with strategies for making a successful choices.


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