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Rejoinder; “land dispute turns bloody”.Yabi elders rebut allegations



REJOINDER: LAND DISPUTE TURNS BLOODY…”Slash him with a cutlass”-Yabi Chief orders

On 14th June 2020, carried out a publication with above caption; a report on a misunderstanding that erupted between traditional subordinates of the Chief of Kwanwoma Nana Amponsah Kwah IV and Chief for Yabi Nana Kwame Frimpong over a parcel of land.

The Editorial head for this medium admits that the publication was one sided since it failed to fetch for the side of the other party (Nana Kwame Frimpong –Chief for Yabi).

We hereby render an apology to the Chief of Yabi over our failure to solicit for his side on the incident. The blunder in question is deeply regretted.



According to the narration of Kyeame Asiedu (linguist for the Chief of Yabi) on the fracas that occurred, Nana Kwame Frimpong  together with other members who serve under him were on a tract of land which falls within their traditional area of jurisdiction to put up a block fence around an idol of the community.

The said tract of land per his indication is located in proximity to a cemetery which falls within Yabi.

He expressed that as construction was ongoing,they saw a group of people including women who told them they were sent by the Chief of Kwanwoma  to order them  to stop the construction because the said land falls within his (Kwanwoma Chief) jurisdiction.

He continued in his defense that they surrounded the Chief of Yabi, insisting that he quit the construction leading to hot exchange of words between the two factions, insofar Nana Kwame Frimpong was pushed at the chest by one Sakora (brother of the Chief of Yabi).

Giving his explanation on what led to the wreaking of cutlass injuries, he rubbished as completely false, allegation that Akwasi Tawiah (brother to the linguist of the Chief of Yabi) was the one who inflicted cutlass injuries on a member of Kwanowma at the scene.

He briefed that Sakora  rather intiated an attack on the Chief of Yabi but was however resisted by Tawiah. “Tawiah had no cutlass in his hands”, he underlined.

Kyeame Asiedu  detailed that  Sakora was chased after by Tawiah who took to heels for cover.

He continued that a member of the group from Kwanwoma  present at the scene tried to forcibly take a cutlass from one of the group who then had a cutlass. “Sadly as he grabbed the blade of the cutlass with his palm, it was by force pulled away by the one who held it leading to the slashing of his palm.

When visit the community observe where the incident occured, we realised that the said tract of land where the construction was ongoing is located near the cemetary of Yabi, a short distance away from two rivers called nwanwasoa and fosuwura.

In an exclusive interview with the Chief for Yabi, he stated that all areas stretching from the river falls within his Jurisdiction.

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