red-eyed NaBCO recruits refresh anger against gov’t over unheeded request



An unceasing uproar is still brewing among trainees of the Nation Builders Corps (NaBCO) program as they are disturbed over why implementors of the initiative have not responded to their request for a permanent job placement.

Though previous petitions appear to have been brushed under carpet by officials, beneficiaries have revisited their quest after realizing that their three years working contract will soon hit its time of expiration.

Some NaBCO trainees expressed in an interview with that considering their huge number, a collosal number of youth who were recruited onto the program will be left unemployed and that life will become difficult for most of them.

“Though, we have acquired some skills to fit the job market, employment avenues won’t be easy to come by if we are booted out.

The knowledge we have acquired will be useful to the institutions we currently find ourselves if we are permanently placed.


We are therefore pleading to government to retain us”.

“We are however grateful for the provision of such a wonderful opportunity. We cannot dispute the fact that the program has been helpful to us, but we don’t want to become a burden to our families again,since there are limited job opportunities in the country”.

A trainee who works under Civic Ghana Module of the successive program narrated that, the program for the past two years has eased his burden. He was very optimistic that giving them permanent placements will serve them much better.

“We want to thank the President for thinking about us.We are on our knees appealing to H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo to listen to our cry and give us permanent jobs”..

In an interview with their Patron, Nana Barimah Asamoah stated that “Nabco trainees need a sustainable life after the expiration of their 3 years contract. I will never be in a posture to create an erroneous impression or cast aspersions of ingratitude on the current government because the program, apparently has given temporary relieve to unemployed graduates.”

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