Rashes After Shaving? Try This Remedy And Thank Me Later



Development of pimples at the back of your head few days after shaving is triggered by the accumulation of bacteria and dirt.

They develop into rashes and then swells up to form pimples.

Such condition should be identified and treated quickly with this remedy else it will graduate to form a worse condition.

The remedy i will be showing you in this article is highly filled with vitamin A and C plus other nutrients such as calcium, iron and manganese.

These are what cures the condition.


Using methylated spirit is not recommend as it only dries up the skin. This makes the pores to crack up.


All You Will Need Are The Following.

1. Two ripe bitter lemon

2. Five grams of brown sugar

3. One fresh Aloe Vera leaf

4. One medium size potato

How To Prepare The Medication

First thing you have to do is to wash potato using clean water.

Peel off the first skin of the potato using a peeler.

After the foregoing, put the potato on a chopping block and cut into small pieces.

Put the sliced pieces into a clean bowl and use a wooden spoon to mash it up for four minutes.

After mashing it up, squeeze out the potato juice.


Go for a clean knife and use it to cut off the rough edges of the aloe leaf so as to extract the juice from it.

Take a spoon and scoop off all the aloe gel from both sides of the leaf.

Transfer the whole to a different bowl.

Just as you earlier did with the potato, mash it up for three minutes and add to the potato paste.

Add the five grams of brown sugar to the mixture and stir thoroughly for three minutes to attain a uniform mixture.

How To Use.

Wash the back of your head or any affected area where the pimples has developed with warm water or wipe with a moist towel and allow it to dry.

Use your hands to scoop the paste and apply it on the area.

Massage with your fingers for two more minutes gently.

Allow it to rest for five more minutes and then wipe with the wet cloth. Do not rinse with water.

You will thank me later.

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