Putting Handkerchiefs In Your Back Pockets Are Dangerous, Here Are The Reasons

Hello my valued readers, are you aware of the fact that the handling or usage of handkerchiefs irrespective of their colors has a very special meaning?

If you are the kind of person who is uninformed on that, then please be informed that handkerchiefs has a special code or color-code through which users communicate non-verbally their interest in sexual activities and fetishes.

So many people use handkerchiefs ignorantly and because of that, would like to school you on that.

Always underline and understand that the color of handkerchiefs helps in identifying a special activity. The pocket in which it is worn whether left or right also shows the wearer’s preferred role in that particularly act.


If you notice someboy having his or her handkerchief on the left side of his body, what it means is that, that person is a top character in an activity or considered active in the act.

If you see that a person has it on the right side of his or her body, it is a clear sign that the person is passive in that particular act.

Wow! I hope you are  loving it. Now let me give you a classic example; a dark blue handkerchief is a sign of interest in anal sex whereas wearing it in the left pocket is also a clear sign of preference for being the assertive partner.

Per historical records, the above-mentioned code was utilized on a large scale in the year 1970 in countries including United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and Europe especially by people who were gay, bisexual men who were in deep need of casual sex.

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