Protect Yourself From Bad Luck With This Leaf (Kontomire)

Don’t joke with this article because the spirit of bad influence will not die until you attack it.

The fact that you are in a new year does not in any way mean spiritual attacks left you in the old year.

Through this article, I will give you the spiritual benefits of using the akan named “Kontomire” leaf in fighting spiritual battles.

This popular leaf called Kontomire is obtained from the leaves of cocoyam.

They are highly nutritious in the fight against high blood pressure when you make it your daily meals.

All you have to do is just adding few leaves to your food when cooking, grind it with onions and peppers and enjoy it with palm oil or frytol oil.

Majority of people also use it to treat diabetes by grinding it.

For diabetic patients, get lots of Kontomire leaves and grind it with water. Rinse the water from the feed and boil the water for ten minutes.

Just add a little bit of milk to it to taste better or if you can consume it without anything.

Make sure you do it in the morning and in the evening. Keep doing it for 20 days or more depending on how aggressive your condition is.

You will be free from diabetes within just a month.

You can keep using it from time to time to heal you completely from any further diabetes complications.

The spiritual relevance

Many people keep complaining of bad lucks surrounding their life.

Whatever they do, it goes sideways with them and always ending up on the bad side of life.

What it means is that the victim is surrounded by bad spirits that doesn’t want him or her to succeed.


Get few cocoyam leaves, and roast them for few seconds.

First wash it well before roasting it to make sure nothing has infected it.

Roast two leaves and place them on the door front leading to your bedroom.

After bathing, stand on it with your two legs. One leave, One leg and say “every bad spirit surrounding my life, I destroy them with the leaves of my blood.”

The leaves of your blood is an ancient name for Cocoyam Leaves or Kontomire because it gives you more blood when you eat it.

The leaves will cleanse you of any infected bad luck spirits from that day going.

Do it for seven days and you will be free completely.

The leaves does not cure you of bad luck spirits but it drives them away so keep doing it anytime you sense bad luck in everything you do.

Do not do it for someone because you cannot do it for someone. Only a mother of twins can stand and do it for her twins.

With that, the twins must get closer to the mother before it can work.

Use your right leg for the smaller twin and the left leg for the elder or grown twin when you stand on the leaves.

Thank you very much for reading

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