Prostate cancer; eight things every man must avoid



What is prostate cancer?

This is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men globally.

It is a chronic diseases associated with men.

Prostate cancer is caused by the accumulation of cancerous cells forming malignant tumor.


Men who have prostate cancer do not always experience symptoms.

Highlighted below are the eight (8) causative / risk factors for prostate cancer

1. Excessive red meat intake.

2. Excessive intake of caffeine from soft drinks.

3. Excessive intake of milk.

4. Family history of prostate cancer.

5. High fat food.

6. Obesity.

7. Chemical exposure.

8. Age.

Check out how you can prevent prostate cancer highlighted below.

1. Balanced diet.


3. Health Education.

Observe the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer below.

1. Burning or paining urination.

2. Erectile dysfunction.

3. Quick and painful ejaculation.

4. Blood in semen.

5. Bone pain.

6. Discomfort in the body area.

7. Blood in urine.

Please to you all men, let us protect ourselves against prostate cancer and always remember that your health is your greatest wealth.

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