Prophet Ogya Nyame Gives Back Offertory to Church Members

Known for his philanthropic works, Prophet Ogya Nyame has been hailed by his congregants for donating the offertory from his service to the needy in the church.

This is not the first act of benevolence from the Leader and Founder of Shining Grace Chapel towards the needy in the society, as the act has been a part of him from time immemorial.

Reacting to his kind gesture, some beneficiaries of the offertory donation, amidst shedding tears, could not understand this act by the Prophet of God. Prophet Ogya Nyame has over the period been consistent with charity works to persons within and outside his church.

“I have been a Christian for 38 years and never have I seen this kind gesture from any pastor. You’re the only one to have done that. I had been sick for a long time and no one was there to help. Had I not met you, I would have died by now”, an elderly woman testified.

One of his most recent and remarkable donations was his donation to the Muslim community during the 2021 Sala festivities where he gifted a lot items including a full grown cow.

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