Pray with this Bible verse before you sleep tonight



Hello lovely people, today is Sunday and it’s an extraordinary day in the life of believers because we are still alive to witness a new month, and this is also the first Sunday in the month.

Hence, there is a need for us to pray to our God Almighty to thank and praise Him for the divine protection in our life.

So I will like you to join me, pray together to the Lord for his good and mercy in our life.

“Oh lord, how grateful I am of your many gifts, blessings this sunset. You continue, proceed to enlighten me on the path, road to help others. Please continue to encourage, motivate me to grow and improve my knowledge base to assist in the caring which I do for my task, work.

Lord, I place my life into your hand this night as im going to sleep.


I thank you most adoring father.

Read the following verses with me.

Psalm 46:5

Psalm 4:8

In truce, I will lie down and enjoy my sleep; for you lonely, Lord renders me dwell in security.

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