“Politicians Have Started Early…We Too Must Start Early”- Rev J.K Appiah Writes




God has equipped the earthman with brain to think and reason.

However failure to utilize it appropriately to yield a positive outcome speels doom for both the user and humanity.

The foregoing is presently the approach adopted by some political folks in Ghana.

Litany of Ghanaian politicians have taken this country and for that matter the citizens for granted.


December 7th 2024 has been marked as the day for Ghana’s general elections but the inactions of some politicians in the likes of recent comment made by NPP’s Bryan Acheampong, among others are preceeding the event and failure to address the situation quickly may trigger a calamitous moment for this country.

I must state without mincing words that Ghana does not belong to politicians.

It belongs to all Ghanaians.

Considering how some politicians have commenced the mudding of the waters, it is high time CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS, TRADITIONAL WORSHIPPERS, started to pray and spoke words of admonishion to them ( politicians) so as to save the nation from any unpleasant moment.

In time past all our actions were centered only on fasting and prayers.

But this time round we must pray and talk/speak to them.

We must not allow politicians to think for us.

I always feel sad anytime they come around to talk to us as if we don’t have the ability to talk.

Their manifesto promises in the likes of “WE WILL REDUCE PRICES of FUEL, CEMENT, IRON RODS ETC” are needless.

I don’t need them because they have failed us in all their promises.

Things are hard!

They should instead tell us what they will do differently.

Lets’s all Pray and think before we vote in 2024.

God bless you.

Long live Ghana!

Long live the Body of Christ!!

By Rev J.K Appiah-

Founder and Leader
( Faith Outreach Ministries)

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