Methodist Priest Nails Heartless Politicians…Attacks NPP’s NABCO Program

By Enock Akonnor,

Very Rev. Solomon Bruce- Superintendent Minister for Methodist Church-Ghana, Asawasi Circuit has admonished the leadership of the country to be much sensitize to the welfare of the citizenry.

Year 2023 demands a new approach and new way of thinking, explaining that stakeholders in the wake of a new year must demonstrate attitudinal gestures that aimed at addressing the colossal number of economic challenges suffered by the masses.

Giving reasons for his admonishing, he stated that politicians and for that matter people occupying leadership roles are sometimes heartless.

Speaking further, he contrasted how some health institutions sometimes are hard pressed in getting hospital beds for patients with how public funds are wasted and mismanaged by politicians.

“As a nation we are heartless…If we all care, the nation will do better”, he told in his new year message during the Church’s version of the 2022 cross over night service on Saturday 31st December 2022.

Rev. Bruce noted that Ghana has become a nation that produces unemployed graduates every year; a reason for the high crime rate in Ghana.

“If we keep on producing ICT graduates who will come out unemployed, they will use the knowledge to dupe people and that is why fraud is on the ascendancy”.

He added that “until we solve the issue of unemployment, the rate of crime will keep rising because when one is hungry he thinks of ways to sustain himself.. Unemployment is a threat to national security”

According to him, the so called flagship programs of government including NYE, NABCO among others are feeble interventions which have failed to permanently address unemployment situation.

“Nothing has happened. They are just change of names.

They are not sustainable and most of the youth who were recruited unto such policies are in the house now. They have not been paid till now”.

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