“Political parties must not be allowed to decide for Ghana…we need a National Development Agenda”-UPP leader Odike



Leader for one of Ghana’s opposition political parties UPP Mr. Akwasi Addai Odike is calling for the establishment of a National Development Policy.

He has kicked against the usual system whereby a ruling party is allowed to take developmental decisions for the country based on their self-made manifesto promises, arguing that a clear national agenda approved by parliament should be formed so that the delivery of every party in power will revolve around the policies which constitutes the wants and needs of the country.

Speaking to www.leakynews.net, the National Chairman, leader and founder for the party Mr. Odike expressed worry over  how a number of projects which were started by previous governments have been left to rot all owing to the fact parties that assumed governance after them didn’t/doesn’t want to touch them because they were/are not captured in their campaign promise.

He continued to assert that per their usual style of delivery, they relegate old projects started by the out-gone and focus on what they have on their list of policies.

“Political parties must not be allowed to decide for the country. If this system of governance continues for a thousand years, this country will never develop. It will be one step forward, two steps backward and the Ghana will always be at a standstill”, he indicated.


The outspoken politician cum businessman plainly stated that governance is all about continuity, hence the institution of a binding national policy around which the delivery of every party in power will rotate.

By Enock Akonnor

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