Political lockdown looming- Islamic Numerologist

A famous Muslim spiritual hacker has one again predicted the possibility of a lockdown as a result of political tensions arising out of the just ended general elections in Ghana.

Mallam Sham Una who has given a spiritual codification of the outcome of the elections released the following statement today as follows “Political lockdown in some major cities of the country ,most especially Accra ,Kumasi and Tamale.

The Ghanaian Islamic numerologist said “we must pray for mother Ghana.Elders of this country should protect the peace they have enjoyed for generation and the next generation.

Imams , pastors , and other religious leaders most especially Islam should immediately start praying for the peace of this country “.

Mallam Sham Una has been acclaimed a credible spiritual hacker endowned with the ability to predict events and political issues.

Meanwhile, many observers are waiting to be able to make real meaning of his coded statements he has in recent times made in connection with the just ended elections.

Source; Opera News

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