Political embargo zeroes-in on Ketu South…CEO vows to bar political parties from holding campaigns



THE CHIEF Executive Officer for Marrer Ghana Limited and Susatgad Boat Building and Fishing Industries, Mr Novihoho Afaglo has vowed to bar NPP from holding political campaigns in Ketu South District of the Volta Region should they fail to put up developmental projects in the area.

A similar action he underlined will be replicated on all other political- a strong demonstration of his displeasure against how politicians have relegated the area in terms of development.

According to him, successive governments have failed the people as in providing them with social amenities, hence the need for his planned action.

“You see, if nothing is done before the start their campaigns, I will single-handedly mobilise the youth to drive them away and I will give the youth reasons why they should not waste their time on voting,” Mr Afaglo stated.


He said he is ready to allocate 200-acre of land to government solely for developmental projects in the area.

Mr Afaglo said Ketu South is one of the poorest districts in the region owing to the reality that it is lagging behind in development.

“I am ready to allocate 200 acres of land to government if he agrees to use it for the constructing schools, hospitals and factories so that youth will get jobs to do.

“Even though the district is an agric dominated area, many farmers don’t get the needed support or seedlings to plant at the right time. Fishermen also lack basic equipment for fishing.” he stated.

In an exclusive interview with www.leakynews.net, Mr Afaglo said Covid-19 has had a great toll on Ketu South District because it is one of the hotspots in the region. Citizens have lost their jobs and livelihood to the pandemic and therefore need government’s urgent support.

He said over the years, successive governments have ignored the plight of citizens.

Giving more credence, he continued that many towns in the area lack good road network, good schools and hospitals.

“Residents travel long distances to access healthcare”, he disclosed.

“It’s a place that demands the attention of government and I think it’s high time we aborted the mentality of abandoning certain districts based on the fact that it’s a New Patriotic Party or National Democratic Congress stronghold, forgetting we are all citizens of Ghana,” he stated.

He said very soon politicians will be going through the whole country, including Ketu South, to engage in political campaigs and will go far to even promise heaven but immediately they win power, they will forget the plight of the people who voted for them.

He advised that the time is ripe for government to focus on developing areas where people are ready to help by providing the necessary support such as labour, lands and logistics.

He called on well-to-do citizens of Ketu South to always remember the welfare of their fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers back home, and help them out of the hardships.

By Philip Antoh

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