Political blackmail; Bekwai MP Joe Wise salvaged from a ‘mafia’ machination




By: Serekye Sulemana,
Communications Officer,
Bekwai Constituency.

Some people who seek their selfish interest to the detriment of the masses in the Bekwai Constituency have planned to use series of Press Releases and Press Conferences to tell lies about Rt. Hon. Joseph Osei-Owusu with the intention of causing disaffection for him to the advantage of their disqualified Parliamentary aspirant.

These people who are ardent supporters of a disqualified Parliamentary aspirant in the Bekwai Constituency are yet to come to terms with why their preferred aspirant was disqualified at the Vetting of Parliamentary aspirants in the Ashanti Region using the Party’s Constitution.

They have tried using all avenues available to them to have the decision of the Vetting Committee reversed but to no avail. And now they are resorting to using series of Press releases and Press Conferences to tell lies and fabricated stories about Rt. Hon. Joseph Osei-Owusu (current MP) who is the sole candidate cleared at the Vetting to contest the Bekwai seat, with the aim of causing disaffection for him and pressuring the National Executive Committee to think that the sole candidate in the person of Rt. Hon. Joseph Osei-Owusu is unpopular so they can overturn the decision of the Vetting Committee.


Just last Friday 29th May 2020, they released a Press release to the effect that Rt. Hon. Joseph Osei-Owusu who is the sole candidate cleared to contest is begging the President Nana Addo to save his seat. This statement defy all logical reasoning in the sense that why and what will force a sole candidate to beg for his seat to be saved and from what.

(below is an intercepted Press release which they will use this week)


Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press. We welcome you all to this emergency press conference called to address some unorthodox and unconventional practices emerging in this year’s Parliamentary primaries at Bekwai constituency.

Since the party opened nominations for this year’s Parliamentary primaries, the incumbent MP, Mr Joseph Osei Wusu and his collaborators have worked together to stifle competition and block the other aspirant, Lawyer Kwasi Amofa-Agyemang from participating in the race, and to ensure that Mr Joe Osei Wusu becomes the only candidate in the primaries at Bekwai this year. Several unfair schemes have been adopted by Mr. Joe Osei Wusu, and the Constituency Chairman, Mr Patrick Adu Gyamfi to deny Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang the chance to participate in the Parliamentary primaries. First, the Party Chairman ran away with the nomination forms, and Lawyer was denied access to nomination forms until only two (2) days to the close of Nominations when he was given forms, but even that happened after our people bused themselves and travelled to the Party Head office in Accra to demonstrate.
Upon completion of his nomination forms, the incumbent MP and the Party Chairman locked the Party office and Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang could not submit his forms at the Party office.
Then came the time for vetting. These same people worked together to ensure only Mr Osei Wusu was recommended.
Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang filed an appeal against the decision of the Regional Vetting Committee, and even though we are reliably informed Lawyer Amofa-Agyemang has been cleared to contest the primaries, the Party hierarchy is playing hide and seek and refusing to make the Appeals Committee report public.

What makes this even more worrying is the seeming complicity of the Party Hierarchy in the in attempt to usurp the democratic processes and engineer to ensure only Mr Osei Wusu gets the chance to stand for the primaries.

The people of Bwkwai Constituency are aggrieved and wish to make it clear to the Party that we will not accept an imposition of Mr Osei Wusu on us in the 2020 elections. The rank and file in the Constituency are fed up with Mr Osei Wusu and want a new Candidate for a number of reasons

1. Since 2012 there has been a sharp division in the Bekwai constituency. There is growing division among constituency executives, electoral area coordinators and polling station executives. In short the party structure has now collapsed and people who are elected by the Party Executives are not allowed to play their respective roles in the Party.

The constituency chairman, the MP and their cohorts have selected their favorite party members and have neglected the rest . The MP has reechoed his divisiveness among party delegates on several media platforms to the extent that during the Easter festivities he openly boasted of giving 100 cedis to his favorite delegates alone.

2.The MP has been very sarcastic and disrespectful towards party people. During a meeting he openly said with impunity that he will not look for any job for the youth because that’s not his core mandate.

3. The MP has for sometime now been bragging to his few chosen delegates that he will use every possible means within his power to avoid contest in Bekwai. He stated on the local FM station just two (2) days ago that the Party Hierarchy has decided that he will be the only candidate whether the people in the constituency like it or not.

4. The MP has locked the Party office for the past 5 months

5. The electorates dislike the MP now have vowed to vote against the Party. The seriousness of the matter in the Bekwai constituecy is such that the disaffection for the MP has gone beyond party executives to the communities. In the last district assembly elections held in December 2919, the electorates in one of the communities called Kyekyewere did not cast one ballot in the election because they felt they have been neglected by the MP.

6. About 14 communities have also threatened to abstain from voting in the parliamentary and presidential elections if Joseph Osei Owusu is presented as the sole parliamentary candidate.

7.It’s an open secret that the constituecy organiser, MCE and a host of others who are in the good books of the MP are undertaking galamsey in the constituecy.
These people have destroyed all the water bodies in the constituecy with impunity

8. Since 2012, votes for the MP have consistently been declining in the Bekwai constituecy, and this year is likely to be worse if immediate steps are not taken

9. Mr Osei Wusu cannot enter into several communities within the constituency to campaign because the people dont want to see his face.

11.The chiefs and people of Bekwai constituecy have vowed to punish the NPP by voting against the President if the party dares to impose Joseph Osei Owusu on them as parliamentary candidate.

12. Many voters have vowed to vote skirt and blouse if Mr Osei Wusu is imposed on us by the Party Hierarchy.

13. Many voters have also decided to vote for NDC if Mr Osei Wusu is imposed on the Constituency

14. There are some voters who have decided not to vote at all if Mr Osei Wusu is imposed as the only candidate

15. Many Party Members have also decided to defect to other Political Parties If Osei Wusu is imposed on us.

For the above and many other reasons we urge the national leadership of the Party to allow a contest in the Bekwai constituency to avoid the party losing votes in the 2020 elections.

Thank you

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