People’s Choice, Edmund Kyei Applauds Farmers…Calls Them True Heroes



By Enock Akonnor

Asokwa constituency’s ideal choice for parliamentary seat, Mr. Edmund Kyei, has applauded farmers in Ghana for their untiring contribution towards the economic growth of the country.

Mr. Kyei, whose level of humility is rapidly massing up electoral support for victory as NPP’s 2024 candidate has described galant farmers as the real heroes.

He explained that, they deserve the highest respect from the nation, adding that through their dedication and effort, they turn barren lands into fertile ones that produces food for the country.

“I wish them all happy farmers’ day and thank them for their tremendous dedication and effort.


They never give up on their crop and work hard to grow it.

They work for long periods in all kinds of climates, ignoring the scorching heat or the stormy rain and the bending and crouching needed for harvesting.

Not forgetting the dangers of using farm machinery and being around some big and easily exasperated animals is usually very tough for farmers.

Our farmers deserve the highest respect from the nation. This is the day to acknowledge the true importance of farmers who sacrificed all their peace and happiness with their tremendous hard labor for providing the food that we eat everyday”, he said in an exclusive interview with

He admonished that farming should be considered a respected profession and that people should be encouraged to enroll in this brave line of work to contribute to the prosperity of the nation.

“We can never ignore the role of farmers in our daily life. They deserve the right appreciation from everyone of us”.

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