People NPP Must Watch If They Want To Win 2024

Infact one of the relevant principles of democratic system of government is to permit people to express their opinion.

In the Republic of Ghana, people are given the free role to make their opinion on national issues heard.

It is through the constructive criticism of the polices of the government, that will put duty bearers on their toes to discharge their duties diligently for the betterment of the people.

The democracy of this country cal Ghana has been growing gradually since the beginning of the fourth republic in 1992.

The two major political parties in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) have had their fair share in the management of the country.

Because of persistent unemployment, unreliable power supply, low standard of living, many of the youngsters are beginning to think the two parties have to up their game, if the problems of the country are to be solved.

Social media has made it easier to reach thousands of people with your displeasure about any government initiative at a click of a button.

High number of the youths now are channelling their frustration about the government through social media.

There are certain citizens who have won the heart of the youths with the criticism they give on the current government’s activities.

These are the people whose activities the New Patriotic Party must watch if they one to win power in 2024.

Kelvin Taylor; often tagged as pro NDC, the Loud Silence TV Show young fellow has been a thorn in the flesh of the ruling government.

The social media journalist, who airs his program on Facebook life is very critical of the government and sometimes make some wild allegations of certain activities that most people in the public are not privy to.

Twene Jonas; the “glass nkoa” music composer castigate almost everything that he feels is not right. The US based Ghanaian tries to compare activities in the country with that of the United States. In his analysis of situations in his homeland, Ghana and the United States; where he calls heaven, he sometimes uses “abusive words” on the leaders.

Much as is not all who supports his ways of pouring out his frustration, many of the youths are picking his style.

Honourable Kennedy Agyampong; the outspoken MP is known for being honest and principled with his actions. The Assin Central MP has had some issues with the government of the country and has disclosed his views known about them.

Much as this is to the credit of the good of the country, it is somewhat making his party very unpopular.

Now if the New Patriotic Party (NPP) wants to break the eight years cycle yoke, they must really be watchful of the activities of these three Ghanaians.

Thank you very much.

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