Pentecost Chairman sends strong message to all Prophets in Ghana



The immediate past Chairman for the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Prof Opoku Onyinah has admonished prophets to desist from predicting winners of an impending election.

He again called on them to abstain from always foretelling the death of people.

Delivering the official sermon at the NPP’s thanksgiving service, December 27, 2020, on the theme, Ebenezer, thus how far the lord has helped us, the former Pentecost Chairman underlined that such prophecies create tension and retards the growth of the party.

Apostle Onyinah also said the ruling NPP’s failure to emerge out of the December 7 polls with a firm grip of parliament is a sign from God.

According to his statement, this historic development is a message to the ruling party to go back to the drawing table and make an honest assessment of its governance.


He also advocated for a united front between the two major parties in parliament to ensure peace and satisfy the Ghanaian people.

Rev Opoku Oyinah informed the gathering at the forecourt of the State House that NPP and NDC must work together in the next Parliament because that is what Ghanaians seem to be telling the two main parties.

Source; Opera News

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