Oyiwa!!! Financial Leakages in the Mining Sector Of Ghana Exposed



Oyiwa…… Research has uncovered the financial leakages in the gold mining sector in Ghana.

I have been crusading about this loss of revenue in the mining sector in Ghana but some Ghanaians thought I was just making noise. *Now, where are those who were fighting against me for speaking the truth?*

Sadly, some ignorant NPP people who know nothing about mining and economics, thought I was just attacking the government for no reason. I was insulted and threatened, just for sharing my professional opinion on what could immensely benefit the country.

Thanks be to God that the *Social Scientists in Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭* have conducted credible research to confirm what I saw years ago and began crusading for the right things to be done in the enhancement of the economics in the mining discipline.

Ghana is now blessed with young, talented and smart Deputy Minister in Charge of Mining, *George Mireku Duker* and the indefatigable Sector Minister, *Samuel Abu Jinapor*, who listen to advice. My checks show that they are determined to transform the mining sector for the benefit of all.


Now that other credible researchers have identified the financial leakages in the mining sector, what next? Ghanaians are looking forward to seeing an action from the government through efforts from the Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources.

Fortunately, the Sector Minister, *Samuel Abu Jinapor* and the Deputy in Charge of Mining, *George Mireku Duker* are working hard to strengthen the sector and they need support from all Ghanaians.

Let’s all put politics aside and help them to put strategic measures in place to correct this big loophole in the mining industry in Ghana to enhance the economic development of the nation.

We might not introduce e-levy, if we had initially managed our mining sector effectively and efficiently. God bless our homeland Ghana 🇬🇭!

Dr. Solomon Owusu
(Mining Consultant)
Colorado, USA.

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