Outlaw!: KMA bans floating vehicles (waawaa) from CBD…introduces identification mark



Authorities of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly have outlawed the operations of all ununionized vehicles within the central business district (CBD).

Taking effect from Monday 4th May, all commercial cars that are not registered under any of the recognized 24 transport unions including long-distance route vehicles will not be permitted entry, Mayor for the Metropolis Hon Osei Assibey disclosed to

“Drivers who will force themselves or sneak into the CBD will be arrested and referred to the regional MTTD for the necessary action”, he stated.

As part of measures coined to cushion the soon to be implemented action, the assembly through engagement with members of the transport committee has introduced a new security equipped identification sticker to regulate the inflows and outflows of commercial vehicles.


The identification mark as disclosed by authorities will be pasted on each unionized vehicle, symbolic of their permit of operation within the CBD.

Features of sticker

Eligibly printed on it are the name of the transport Union under which the vehicle is registered, vehicle’s registration number, route of operation, logo of the assembly, an invisible code plus other security features.

So far, close 2,500 pieces have been printed.

They were handed over today 28th April 2020 to the leadership of the 24 transport Unions by the Mayor of the Metropolis Hon Osei Assibey.

Mayor for the City disclosed that the move will help reduce the volume of traffic within the CBD and that the identification mark (stickers) will regulate the operations of commercials drivers since it will aid them to fish out the bad ones (waawaa drivers).

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief

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