“Our Doors Are Open For You”- Muslims To LGBTQI+ Members



Muslim leadership in Ashanti region comprising Chiefs, Ulama, Imams etc have announced that their doors are open for all LGBTQI+ members in Ghana.

They said they are ready to offer counselling and rehabilitation of their (members LGBTQI+) immoral act in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

The foregoing statement was made during a press conference held in Kumasi; a platform which was used to register their displeasure against the recent invasion of practitioners of LGBTQI+ in some parts of the country.

The leadership at the event gave a strong message that Muslims in Ghana will never take it lightly if government endorses the practice.

“We are calling on government and other authorities not to entertain this prohibited act because it will impose a curse on the country.”


Speaking in an interview, Usman Yusif, one of the Imams in the region said considering how all religions in the country are against the act, there is now way Muslims in Ghana will allow the practice of LGBTI+ to override the choice of the majority in Ghana just because of human rights.


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