Order Telcos to reduce internet prices- Akuffo Addo told



THE CHIEF Executive Officer (CEO) of Marrer Ghana Limited and Susatgad Boat Building and Fishing Industries, Mr Novihoho Afaglo, is appealing to government to order the Telcos to reduce the cost of internet usage in Ghana at this critical times.

Mr Afaglo said at this critical moment that the government is trying to use the internet to teach students through an online platform because the effect of Covid-19, it is therefore prudent to initiate such measures.

He said to make the online teaching and learning effect to much up with the rest of the world, the government of Ghana must think of absorbing the cost of internet usage in the country as he has done for both water and electricity.

“It my humble plead that the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Ministry of Communication call the various communication networks to order to reduce cost of talk time and internet charges in this period,” Mr Afaglo stated.

He said when the internet and talk time charges are reduce, it will reduce the pressure in the system and also help students catch up on their studies.


Mr Afaglo said one can imagine if communication and internet charges are reduced dramatically how beneficial it will be to the students in this times.

“If this happens, the less privileged in society can take GH₡1.00 to an internet cafe to do his or her assessment.”
He revealed that information going round indicates that the amount of money wired outside the country by this communication networks on a daily basis is awesome and the sad thing is “they get to dictate the rate at which they are selling prices to the banks, when government can put tough measures in place to restrict the wire of such billions in a day.”

The CEO said it is time the governor of the Bank of Ghana give them a rate that will make them reinvest the money into the country than ripping the people off and sending the money abroad.
“Some of these Telcos will blame the high cost of internet usage on charges on taxes remitted to the government but the real issue is that these companies are ripping the country off,” he stated.

Mr Afaglo said, over the years these Telcos just fane stories to tell the bank and since the money belongs to them, they don’t have a choice than to grant their request.
He said Ghana can do better if all this investors that come in are just allowed to return back their invested capital with an amount of profit, the rest should be reinvested in the country for the benefit of all.

“For the sake of continuity, government should be able to take tough decisions in restructuring all contracts with previous government and investors in all areas to ensure equity in the system,” Mr Afaglo stated.

By Philip Antoh (senior journalist Accra)

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