opposition leader Odike slams Ghana President over poor handling of private schools in Ghana



The leader for opposition party United Progressive Party (UPP)Akwasi Addai Odike has expressed a strong detest against how the ruling NPP is  poorly handling the affairs of private schools in Ghana.

The blatant refusal on the part of government to factor private schools among beneficiaries of the ongoing allocation of academic incentives in the wake of covid-19 pandemic according to the National Chairman cum founder of UPP Odike “clearly exposes them (NPP) as highly insensitive to the welfare of the private sector of education.”

Considering them (Private schools) as one of the engines of the growth of the economy, characterized by the litany of infrastructure , generated employment and influential personalities who received their academic training from private schools, Odike said that private schools should have been the first to be considered for any incentive package.

“Any institution that creates something for national development should not be neglected”, he said in exclusive dialogue with www.leakynews.net.

“So many private school teachers are in the house now, having no salary to rely on whereas government pays public teachers their salaries every month.”


“Our leaders are not ruling the nation in business-like manner and that is the reason why Ghana  is suffering.”

Source; www.leakynews.net



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