Opinion: Why Lawyers Are Buried Facedown Instead Of Face Up

Are you aware that whenever people discuss about lawyers and their profession, the first thing that comes to a layman’s mind is that it is a profession in which the best liar wins a case.

It is believed by many that even when a lawyer is fully aware that his client is guilty of a severe crime, he would still go ahead to look for reasons to defend his client and this is nothing other than defending evil and resisting the known truth.

Other people are also of the believe that the law is an ass because people who makes the law are the ones who tend to break the law.

Yeah! justice they say must prevail, but at times evil doers do go unpunished, if their defendant has a concrete evidence to back them up more than the other client who brought the crime case to court.

There is this controversial belief about the manner and tradition in which lawyers are buried when they die.

It is been said that lawyers are buried face down instead of face up and 12 feet deep instead of 6 feet because they do not know God because of they are corrupt, and indulge in bribery and all many of lies just to ensure that their client wins a case.

People believe that the sole reason why they are buried face down is because they do not know or fear God and so they cannot see Him when they die.

The controversial thing about this wrong perception is that people believe that no lawyer can make Heaven.

But this looks to me as a mere fallacy and that is the reason why I would be kicking against this mindset some people have about lawyers.

Why Some Lawyers Wouldn’t Want To Be Buried Face Down And 12 Feet Deep?

Some of the reasons why people believed lawyers will not make Heaven are all premised on misconception.

I personally feel that no one can understand a situation in which they have never been in. If you have not lost a loved one before, you wouldn’t believe that death is painful.

If you have not being in a labour room before, you would not understand the pain women go through, likewise if you ain’t a lawyer or got a close relation who is a lawyer, you would not understand exactly what the professions entails. You will end up castigate them on something you don’t know.

1. In Every Twelve There Must Be A Judas

If the belief that lawyers do not know or do not believe in God is true, then think about the statement of getting a Judas in every twelve.

The fact that multitude of people are going left is not a guarantee that we would not find someone who is going right. The fact that some lawyers do take bribe, tell lies to win cases and indulge in corruption, does not mean there are no incorruptible lawyers and judges.

I have seen cases where lawyers declined mouth watering offers from close friends and relatives who are guilty of a crime because he wants justice to prevail. There are cases in which a judge who has the power to manoeuvre a case, still go ahead to pass his judgement and pronounced the accused guilty despite being related by blood. Would you call those set of lawyers corrupt?

2. Religion Or Belief Supersedes Profession

If the deceased is a devoted Christian or a devoted Muslim, his family members and relatives would definitely kick against burying their own very own face down and 12 feet deep because it’s against their own faith and that should be respected.

3. The Will Of The Dead Must Be Respected

When a person dies, there is nothing much respectful than respecting his last will provided that they are good and positive. There are cases in which a deceased wills that some part of his body should be used as replacement for those who needs it, some do will their eyes to those who are visually impaired. So if the deceased wills that he shouldn’t be buried face down and 12 feet deep, his will should be respected so that he can rest in peace. The only scenario when the will of the dead shouldn’t be respected is when it involves taking another man’s life. For instance, in the ancient times, when a king dies, he is being buried with 12 heads if I’m right. The figures I quoted here might be wrong though but they were buried alongside some heads. Which implies that innocent people were killed just to bury a king and such kind of will shouldn’t be accepted.

This article is solely based on my own opinion on what I think about the way lawyers are being buried and what people think about lawyers. I know your opinion might differ from mine, so it would be nice if you share your thoughts on this.

It is highly welcomed and please do not forget to hit the like button, drop your comments and share. Thank you very much for reading.

Source; Opera News

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