Opinion: See Four Ways To Identify If Your Friend is Gay or Not

Being Gay is now obvious for some people.

Others too are soo bold and open about it while some are still not ready to come out of the closet to disclose their identity.

It is not always true that males who exhibit feminine gestures are Gays.

Of a truth, most gay people have some common behavioural pattern and there are ways you can begin to suspect if your friend is one of them.

Provided below are four signals you can fall on to identify if your friend is gay or not.

1.When he looks at his fellow man and admires his body.

This is one clear signal, and if your friend always admires your body soo much, run away from him quickly.

2. Always Shy To Look At You When Talking.

If your friend is always shy of other guys like himself and does not look directly into your eyes when talking to you, then there is a probability that he is a Gay.

3.Wears Make Up

When a guy loves makeup too much and makes gestures like a lady, puts on lipstick and apply brown powder, then there is much tendency that he is a gay.

4. Loves wearing Female Dress

If you notice that your friend loves wearing female clothes, snap pictures with them and post them on social media.

5. Gay Topics

Finally, when your friend loves taking up certain discussion on gay issues too much , begin to suspect him.

Source; Opera news

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