OPINION: Bagbin Is Neither Putin Nor Biden To Be Given 16 Security Personnel To Protect Him

Alban Bagbin has an entitlement mentality that is not only a drain on our coffers but also a precedent that must not be entertained.

In the history of our political dispensation, especially since 1992, no Speaker of Parliament has been close to Bagbin in extravagance.

For reasons unknown to us, he considers himself the Holy Grail that must be idolized by the Executive arm of Government.

His hospital bills are out of the roof, his demands from the Finance Ministry as budget for Parliament was unmatched, his security detail is outrageous.

When steps are being taken to protect the purse of the nation from his profligate expenditures, he runs agog, accusing Government of deliberately stifling him what is due his office.

How can Bagbin have 12 Police officers and 4 military personnel? Is he the President of the Republic or the Vice President?

What security risk does his work pose to himself that he wants the rules to be bent to satisfy his insatiable appetite for huge expenses?

No Speaker of Parliament before Bagbin has ever used the military as part of his security detail. It is worth knowing that in the history of this country’s democracy, no Speaker has ever used more than six police officers as his or her security detail.

Is Bagbin from Mars or Jupiter to be given such special treatments? If he finds the security arrangements to be inadequate, he can hire private security to protect him.

To the Minority, if they are not satisfied with these new turn of events, they can equally contribute towards securing more machomen to walk with Bagbin to and fro. He is no Biden nor Putin to be treated like an Arabian king.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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