Open Defecation ‘Wahala’!!!! Women Shit In Polythene Bags, Water Body Polluted @ Ankaase



By Enock Akonnor,

Open defecation and wrong siting of a dunghill have hampered the hygienic state of a river at Ankaase electoral area of the Kwabre East District, has observed.

River “Bonsua” has presently lost touch with hygiene since the dunghill; a dumping site for solid waste serving the electoral area is badly located just 4 steps away from it.

Owing to the absence of toilet facilities in a number of households, poor state of some existing public lavatories and delayed construction of some public toilets awarded on contract, some residents resort to defecating openly on the dunghill.

The modus-operandi of some perpetrators is excreting into a black polythene bag, mixing the excreta with water and after that carelessly throwing the polythene and the content away onto the street.


Making the above disclosure, the elected assemblyman for the area Emmanuel Kwame Boamah mentioned that the situation is sometimes typical on Wednesdays ( a market day of the community).

He recalled how some market women were seen running hurridly to defecate at the dumping site.

“At times during night hours, you will see a woman spreading polythene bag on the floor at the dumping site, easing herself”.

He indicated that due to the closeness of the dunghill to the river, when it rains, the liquid from the refuse drains directly into the river.

Meanwhile, river “Bonsua” serves as a source of drinking water for distance communities.

He told this medium that the menace has triggered an unpleasant stench in the community.

The leadership of the electoral area according to him are effecting measures to address the situation, specifically speeding up the construction of public toilets awarded on contracts and compelling house owners to put up toilets in their houses.

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