“only 2 people visited me in prison”, sad story of Ronaldinho

Some months back when the famous footballer Ronaldinho and his brother who is Roberto were caught traveling with fake documents.

Per news reports, their passport was not original and for that matter, they were jailed for one month 2 days which is equivalent to 32days. This incident happened in Paraguay.

After he had been released from jail, Ronaldinho narrates what happened to him during his days in jail. According to him, looking at how famous he is, only two players visited him when he was jailed.

Only E’to and Nelson Cuevas

He said after E’too visitation, he was calling him almost every day to check upon him. Not even his family members could do that not even his wife or mother was doing that for him

Etoo took upon himself to pay all his charges and that of his brother as well which cost £200,00. He told Ronaldinho not to worry that he was going to pay the money so he can be set free.

This is a good life lesson for everyone. We don’t wish for troubles in life.

But always remember that all the fame and friends you make today won’t be there for you tomorrow.

Hello, Mr. Reader please let’s show some appreciation to our dear Etoo for what he did.

Source; opera news

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