Onion is not meant for only cooking…see other things that you can use onion for



Irrespective of the fact that onions make tears to flow from your eyes whenever slicing it, it still has the track records as one of the best ingredient needed in preparing a delicious meal.

Onions offer many benefits to the body, and it has other nutritional values.

You may have been thinking that onions are only used for preparing meals, but this article will act as an eye opener to you. There are other amazing things you can do with Onions.

1. Insect bites

Onions help to relieve the pains gotten from insect bites. All you need to do is, get an onion and slice it into small sizes. Then you apply it to the affected areas.


It also helps to reduce swellings completely. It’s just the best remedy for insect bites because it helps to relieve you of the pains by absorbing the poison from the bite.

2. Earache

In a case where you’re having a serious earache, do not worry because onions got you covered. Get a sizeable amount of sliced onions and place it on the outer part of the ear, just like the picture above.

It will help to reduce the pain by softening the ear wax that has been built up.

3. Burns

If you’re a victim of fire or water burn, just place an onion slice and you will see the magic. The juice in the onions will help to reduce the pain and keep you safe from other infections.

4. Fever

Talking about fever, onions still remains one of the fastest remedies to chase it away. All you need to do is, put sliced Onions in your socks and wear it while you sleep. You will be amazed with the results.

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