One Minute Man? Do This To Solve The Problem Quickly.

A high number of men are suffering from this health problem in one way or the other.

Any man suffering from the above are popularly referred to as “one minute man”.

By simple definition, it is situation where a man is not capable of maintaining an erection long enough for your satisfaction.

Today, will school you on how to cure this problem with s simple and common natural remedy.

Some of the factors that trigger early ejaculation are alcohol, drugs like nicotine and anti-depressant, obesity, aging, heart disease, Diabetes, high cholesterol etc.

Provided below is how to cure early ejaculation;

What you need is honey and onion.

First of all, boil 3 big onions and squeeze out the juice, filter and mix with the same quantity of honey.

Stir the mixture and boil again until it for some minutes.

Take it from the fire and allow it to get cold before pouring into a bottle.

Take 1 spoonful of the mixture, 3 times daily after meal. You will see amazing results.

Thank you very much for reading.

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