OMG!! 50% of Christian women in Ghana watch “BLUE FILM” on Sundays??

A Non-Governmental Agency based in Tema, amplifying highlights of a report by the Covenant Eyes has disclosed a damning report on the consumption of “blue film” materials in Ghana and other parts of the globe, showing that most consumers of the practice watch it on Sundays.

The report, according to Circles of Love also showed that majority of consumers of the act in Ghana fall between the ages of 15 and 24, whilst 50 percent of Christian men and 20 percent of christian women are reportedly addicted to it.

Per the report, 54 percent of divorce cases also had one of the partners addicted to online watching of the act.

Far more revealing is the findings that 22 percent of those who consume “blue film” materials are children under 10 years.

Ghana recently clamped down on some online platforms which were said to have illegally hosted images of people, particularly young women, who were videoed either secretly or against their will involved in premarital affairs.

Ghana’s constitution prohibits publication of indecent materials for public consumption with Ghana’s National Media Commission tasked to ensure compliance.

This report shows that whilst mainstream platforms are not publicly showing indecent materials, people resort to the practice through their mobile handsets.

Find below the statistics that were published by Covenant Eye and Love Circles in pictures.

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