Old Tafo Methodist Cleric fires at detractors…rubbishes allegations against MCE



The Reverend Minister presiding over the Old Tafo Wesley Methodist Church, Very Rev Solomon Bruce, has rubbished allegations heaped by detractors on the Chief Executive Officer for Tafo Municipal Assembly.

Accusers of the government official have levelled charges that the latter has sold out some of the Covid 19 Relief items to market women of Tafo.

Per the reaction of the Methodist cleric, the uncooked food items were kept in his church at Old Tafo, under his custody and was subjected to the watch of police personnel for 24 hours.

Very Rev Bruce, described the claim as a calculated attempt to soil the reputation of Hon Fred Obeng Owusu, in the sight of right thinking members in the society.

According to him, if some items were stolen, then the public should blame him instead since the relief items were kept in his church, adding it is a big lie to accuse the MCE.


He disclosed that before the items were shared to the vulnerable in the area, a Municipal Disaster Management Committee, headed by the clergy, was constituted to ensure a fair distribution.

According to him, the committee ensured the items were arranged and packed in the Church under the supervision of the MCE and officials from the security agencies.

He disclosed the items were never loaded in a pick-up and kept in the residence of the MCE, adding none of the items were even stolen and subsequently sold to market women as alleged.

Very Rev Bruce therefore called on Ghanaians to disregard such allegations against the MCE, adding if anything went wrong, fingers should be pointed at him and not the MCE.

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