Oh No!! See Why Your Car Is Consuming Too Much Petrol

Do you know that several factors are the cause of the high level of petrol consumption that your car currently faces?

In other not to waste much of your time, I will go straight to the point by naming the reasons why high petrol consumption occurs. They are provided below;

  1. Spark Plugs: We have spark plugs in a high number of aspirated vehicle engines that are a very relevant part of the combustion system for every vehicle. The function of the spark plug is to ignite the mixture of fuel in the vehicle plus the air that is needed to power the engine. Please don’t forget that spark plugs have the expiry date and they appear to wear out over time because they are always exposed to excessive heat that leads to a gradual loss in their efficiency. Now what this means is that, a time will come when it will not be able to offer the required spark that will be needed by the engine in other to work effectively in case it gets worn out. What this means is that, there will be so much un-burnt petrol or diesel which will contribute to a dreadful gas mileage.
  2. Ignition Cables: These are electrical components that relay electric energy to power the vehicle. Now whenever the ignition cable starts wearing out, they are unable to supply the required amount of electric energy that the car needs. For example, if an ignition coil of a car is built to supply let’s say 10 volts, when it start wearing out due to extensive usage, it will start to supply a less voltage to the plugs of the vehicle and this will lead to inefficient combustion.
  3. Pressure of The Tire: A high number of drivers or users of vehicles don’t give attention to this. To ensure that you have the right volume of pressure, it is more prudent to examine the pressure of your tire at least once every month. Do you know that the right amount of pressure reduces the rolling resistance, leading to a decent gas mileage, while lower pressure shoots up the rolling resistance? This is true my dear reader.


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