Oh Africa!!! When will our light shine- a weeping Ghanaian



Oh mother Africa, could there be a single week where we will not hear of an unfortunate incident in our beloved continent?
Why is our land so blessed with natural resources yet poverty, diseases, illiteracy still remain dominant?

Why do we have some of the best brains in the world in terms of engineering, economics, accounting, policies, medicine, planning, among others yet our challenges keep on compounding?

Why do we produce most of the world’s agricultural produce yet we are not even the determiners of their prices?

Why do we boast of how accommodating we are yet we keep on fighting each other?
Why do we have the same blood running through our veins yet we met out inhumane treatment on one another?
Religion (Christianity and Islam) seems dominant yet our land is filled with greed, wickedness and torture?

Africans, this is the time to ponder over our lives, look at where we have come from, envisage our future and take the bold decision to take our destiny in our hands.
Africa, arise, we can make our continent great because we have all it takes to deliver.
Africans, the time is now or never.
Enough of the blame game.
Let us stop blaming colonialism for our challenges.


The many problems confronting our continent is similar if not the same, this is the time for us to join forces, share ideas, brainstorm, break all odds , develop a positive attitude and fight for our vision.
Together we can, let us all as individuals, organizations, communities, countries light our candles to brighten our little corners and we will all see how bright and beautiful our continent will be.
Kwame Ohene- Ntow.
YALI dream.
A better Ghana.
A brighter Africa.

The writer holds a Master’s degree in Development Policy and Planning at KNUST and an alumnus of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI).

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