Odike acclaimed UPP 2020 flagbearer, jabs Akuffo Addo for messing up economy

Businessman Akwasi  Addai Odike has been pronounced as the 2020 flag bearer for the United Progressive Party (UPP).

He was officially introduced as the presidential candidate to members and sympathizers of the party by the NEC at the party’s 2nd national delegates congress which was held in Kumasi on Friday.

Concurrently, the policy document of the party which reflects the views and intentions on various development issues of domestic and international relevance hence their manifesto was launched.

(Download manifesto)


After highlighting the content of their manifesto, Akwasi Odike in his statement heavily descended on President Akuffo Addo and for that matter the ruling NPP for misappropriating state funds and causing much hardship in the country.

He said monies meant to transform lives of the citizenry have been stolen under the ruling government and are being wasted on tumultuous rallies and political shows instead of utilizing them for the benefit of even the ordinary citizens.

Following the incompetence of the ruling NPP, he said Ghana at the moment has no leader but only has “people in authority”. Outspoken Odike described President Akuffo Addo as somebody who is just in authority.

“Nana Akuffo Addo is in authority but he is not a leader because there is a clear distinction between what he is enjoying and that of the people… The transformation of the life of every leader is suppose to trickle down and reflect in the lives of the ordinary citizen.Any person who enjoys leaving the people behind in not a leader but rather a ruler.”

He assured that his party will transform Ghana and that his leadership will challenge the status-quo. Entrepreneur  Odike said when given the mandate, “…within the first hundred days, I will move a motion at parliament for the review of the constitution.”

He explained that everything is not right with the constitution since it confers so many powers on the President. Review he explained will give room for participatory democracy and help the citizenry to hold the leadership accountable.

“The current constitution has given room for nepotism, cronyism, economic inequalities and that a higher percentage of the citizenry are peeved as a result.”

He sighted the Western Togoland uprising in the Volta region as a perfect instance staged by people who are embittered by how the ruling class are badly running the country.

“When you criticize politicians then they come after you but me Odike I am indomitable. I was created to come and serve Ghanaians. In business I have made 200 people successful. I don’t envy anyone.”

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