NPP’s Cash for vote palaver; Miss Ntim to be disqualified over ‘duabo’ cash



Some constituency Executives and concerned members of the Nsuta Kwamang Beposo branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are calling for the suspension of one of the Parliamentary aspirant who allegedly invoked curses on some delegates who she invited for a meeting after she gave them ‘lorry fares’.

Miss Adelaide Yaa Agyeiwaa Ntim was said to have cursed the money and made the delegates repeat certain lines after which drew their attention that they were indulging in not just devilish but primitive way of soliciting support.

They therefore, referring to the directive from the Party’s General Secretary John Boadu for all regional, constituency and polling station executives who indulge in cursing of any form due to the upcoming primaries be suspended, also suggest that the ‘duabo aspirant’ be suspended too.

This, according to them is to instill discipline among aspirants too, and also discourage others from invoking curses as it is not only a taboo but shameful to the party.

The Asantehene has, on several occasions disciplined people who have indulged in that act,and everyone in the Asante Kingdom know it is wrong to do that,’so for a woman aspiring to represent us in Parliament to flout our King’s order, should she not be disciplined to teach others a lesson?’.


Apart from the cursing, another directive in the guidelines which has again been flouted by the aspiring law maker is that none of the aspirants should be seen buying or selling votes in the forthcoming Parliamentary Primaries.

Mr.John Boadu,the General Secretary of the party told the media on Tuesday that “the Party(NPP) has observed, rather worryingly, the conduct of some members claiming to be invoking curses on the Party Leadership and in particular, on members of NEC on allegations that their preferred Candidates have been disqualified by NEC from contesting in the Primaries. We are completely appalled by such gross misconduct.

Accordingly, the Party is instructing the respective Constituency Executives in the Constituencies where this unfortunate incident happened, to immediately suspend all those involved in this awkward behavior while instituting appropriate disciplinary actions against them in line with Article 3 and 4 of the Party Constitution.

Mr.Boadu alsostress that any aspiring parliamentary candidate who flouts any of the above guidelines and modalities or conducts him/herself in a manner that brings the Party’s name into disrepute shall be deemed to have breached Article 4(7) of the NPP constitution and will, accordingly, be sanctioned including being disqualified from contesting in the Primaries.

Finally, while wishing all prospective aspiring parliamentary candidates the best of luck in the Parliamentary Primaries, the party hopes and anticipates that these prospective aspiring candidates, together with their supporters, would adhere strictly to these rules of engagements in their own interest and in the supreme interest of the party”.

It would be recalled that, Madam Adelaide Yaa Agyeiwaa Ntim boldly confessed on Ashh Fm 101.1 fm , a local based radio station that after meeting some delegates at her house at Nsuta to appeal for their vote each delegate was given One Thousand Ghana cedis .

She even vowed to pay more if other aspirants should pay what she has so far paid.

She however, debunked claim of making the delegates to curse themselves with Antoa Nyamaa deity or invoking curses on the money and other items given to the delegates a claim a number of delegates’ dispute.

Miss Ntim said ”before the meeting, my opponents have be going round telling the delegates that I’m a burger so if I offer them money ,they should take and vote against me but I also have my own strategy so they can’t come and take my money for nothing”. I am fully determined to pay whatever money to win the seat “, she told the host of Ash fm.

As a backgrounder!

Some delegates who spoke to the New Trust Newspaper said they were invited by Adelaide Yaa Agyeiwaa Ntim whom they thought was fair minded but later realized she was into juju and hence do not want anything to do with her.

They said she had invited a ‘powerful chief’ from Kumasi who tried convincing them to vote for Madam Adelaide.

After they finished the meeting they were given Ghc 1, 000, a mobile phone and GTP Cloth each as lorry fare but did not know it was coming with a condition: ‘swear with Antoa Nyamaa that you will vote for Madam Adelaide.

Mr.Osei Yaw,one of the delegates who was bold to refuse the money saying he was not ready to swear by deity told this medium,’ I am an honest man and cannot be forced to make decisions”.

Another delegates by Name David has also confirmed the incident to Ashh 101.1 fm,a local based radio station.

Wofa Anokye, an Assembly member for Kwamang who is also a member of Madam Ntim’s campaign also confirmed on Fox 97.9 fm, “Yes, each delegate who came there was given something as transportation but decline to mention the amount.

Mr.Freddie Blay,NPP,National Chairman
Even though, the host, Kwaku Kyerematen Nkansah kept on mentioning Ghc1,000 but Wofa Anokye refused to disclose the amount and added that if it gets to a point to disclose the amount they will do it with explanation.

Mr.John Boadu,NPP Gen.Secretary
He also confirmed assertion by one delegate who decided not to disclose his name on air accusation that Nana Nkansah Boadu, Agric Nzemahene was at the meeting.

One of the delegates who decided to return the money and other items
”Yes,Nana Nksanah Boadu came to the woman (Adelaide Yaa Agyeiwaa Ntim) and I was also there.

Wofa Anokye didn’t mentioned exactly what Nana Nkansah Boadu came there to do to the host of the show.

The ‘Duabo’ Cash and other items
Adding that Kwabena Amoako,a delegate at Kwamang came to meet him there as well.I know him, Kwabena Amoako he doesn’t even know his polling station number and these are some of the polling officers at the constituency.

“A whole polling station organizer who doesn’t know his polling station number. Let me tell you that, no matter what Madam Adelaide will continue to meet the delegates at her house and we shall by all means unseat the incumbent MP”, he vowed.

By Isaac Amoah

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  1. These behavior of the incumbent is very bad of him. The moment he sees you are a strong contender, he finds any means to disgrace, discourage and finally disqualify you.
    If they dare disqualify her, history will be made in the constituency whereby we shall strongly campaign for skirt and blouse voting during the general election.
    This same thing was done to COP Adu Gyimah
    Do you guys think the MP’s seat of Nsuta Kwamang Beposo Constituency is a family seat? Greedy Politicians.

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